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Life Insurance Company's have a very important "leg up" on banks. They have the ability to offer you a place to put some of your money and in return will give you growth with very important tax advantages.

One of the advantages is an insurance company savings account, called an annuity (similar to a certificate of deposit at a bank) that offers tax deferred growth. Tax deferred growth refers to the fact that money inside the account grows each year without having to pay taxes on that growth, as you do in a bank account. The taxes are not due until you start to withdraw the funds later in you life. At that time tax rates may be lower or more favorable.

In the first paragraph I referred to "some of your money." An Annuity is not intended for you to accumulate funds on a short term basis. The purpose of an annuity is to put money away so you cannot touch it. It is a long term investment designed to grow over many years and to be used in your later years to supplement retirement income or social security. Since the definition of an annuity is "income you can never outlive", annuities can supply significant security to your cash flow.

Other uses of annuities are, in a structured settlement, for older people to manage their income, to fund an obligation or pay a guaranteed income for life.

Annuities offer several types of growth for your money. You can have a fixed interest rate, indexed or variable rate. The type of annuity depends on the job you want it to accomplish in you overall investment strategy.

Since there are many types of annuities, including those with fixed and indexed returns, we have set up a new division headed by my associate, Jonathan Scopp. Please feel free to call him at 310-893-6090 or send an email inquiry -- -- with questions or for additional information.

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