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Scopp & Associates :: Life, Health, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance
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Health Insurance

We are all strong and healthy and we don't need to ever worry about being sick or going to a hospital. If that were only true we wouldn't ever need to consider having HEALTH INSURANCE…

Unfortunately it is not entirely true we are human, after all. The human body can take a lot and those who are in great shape, proper weight, always eat right, don't drink too much and always exercise 4 times a week are susceptible to health issues as everyone else.

Health insurance is designed to be there for you when you need to see a doctor, get medical tests, have an out-patient surgery or need to be in a hospital. Health insurance provides financial backing while you are taking care of the medical needs at hand.

Without health insurance, you are totally responsible for your medical costs. With the average daily cost of hospitals at thousands of dollars a day, it is a great feeling knowing that the majority of the cost will be paid by the health insurance company.

Do not delay; look into coverage today!

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